Chania Villa Onar About Villa VILLA

Chania Villa Onar About Villa Chania Villa,Villa Crete

Villa Onar Chania

Find yourself on planet Dream,in heaven! One place,one philosophy

A place on beautiful Crete, an island like no one else in the world. Villa Onar is unique and unusual!
To make it come true, it took the passion of a man, born and bred on the island of Crete, who worked for the revival of the cultural heritage,with respect for his ancestors.

One place, two objectives!

Built with an unconditional respect to natur,.Villa Onar is the perfect example of harmony, between minerals, plants and animals, a cohabitation between wild and cultivated flora and fauna.


In Villa Onar simplicity prevails. . It is the place to discover the essence of well-being, the Peace and quiet accompanied by excellent service.

A true luxury!

Hospitality and offering are values particularly important to us. We offer A canvas of refined details and services,where nothing is imposed,only recommended.
Enjoy the subtle colours of  the sunrise, walk on the beach, swimming in beautiful clean waters, dinning under the stars, , savouring a sea urchin salad beside the waves, captivating sunsets, promising nights and endless sunny days.

Villa "onar" is sure to win a place in your heart for ever. Feelings, any time of the day is unique.