Villa Kalathas Stavros Chania, Chania Luxury Villas rent Chania VILLA ONAR CHANIA CRETE

Villa Kalathas Stavros Chania, Chania Luxury Villas rent Chania Villa Kalathas,Villa Stavros,Villa Chania,Luxury Villas rent Chania

Area - Stauros Chania Crete

Stauros is a peninsula east of Chania, It is an area rich in history and natural beauty. You can find beautiful beaches, most of which are well-preserved and not affected by "meltemia", a north wind blowing during summers.In the centre of the peninsula on a big plateau, lies Chania airport.

It's worth visiting the area with its traditional picturesque villages,such as 'Stavros" where the film 'Zorbas the Greek" was filmed,the quaint villages "Sternes", "Kounoupidiana", 'Konakies", "Pithari", 'Aroni" and 'Marathi" which were the ancient ports of the town 'Aptera".

It's also interesting to see the old historic monasteries of Agia Triada of Tsagarolon built in the 17th century, Gouvernetou monastery of the 16th century, or the one of St.John the Hermit, dating back to the 6th or 7th century-situated on a steep gorge you can only reach it by climbing  down 385 steps! It is believed to have been the first monastery built on the island.In the same area you can see the impressive cave of Arkouda a stalagmite which resembles a bear,where traces of worship to the ancient goddess Artemis, were found, now replaced by a small chapel dedicated to the mother of God.

The graves of Venizelos, where one of the most important Greek politicians and prime minister at the beginning of the 20th century lies burried, is also worth a visit.

Area - Kalathas Chania Crete

The seaside village of Kalathas is located 12km northeast of Chania, in the heart of a large natural bay on the Akrotiri peninsula, which is open to the north winds. Kalathas is a relatively modern village, which has been inhabited by residents of Chania who wanted to live away from the city center.

The beach in front of the village is beautiful, with fine sand and shallow crystal clear water. Opposite Kalathas, there is a small island which you can easily reach by swimming. Next to the beach there are several palm trees that give an exotic tone to the landscape. Moreover, the beach is very well organized with umbrellas, water sports, restaurants, mini markets, etc.

West of the main bay, beyond the rocky end, there is a secluded sandy bay. This is not organized and is ideal for those who do not like crowded places.

Villa Kalathas,Villa Stavros,Villa Chania,Luxury Villas rent Chania